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The Manscaping Masterclass: For perfect results using the ER-GB80 Multi-Groomer, follow these top trimming tips from leading male grooming expert Lee Kynaston

Blog post   •  Sep 06, 2016 17:29 BST

Leading male grooming expert Lee Kynaston

1. Prune before you trim. To make manscaping easier trim back long or dense body hair to around 10mm with the help of the Panasonic ER-GB80’s hair or beard attachment. Then tidy things up with the special body hair attachment, which has been designed to trim hair to the optimal length of 1.5mm.

2. Always trim hair when dry. Hair relaxes and expands when wet, contracting again to its normal length and thickness as it dries, so always trim body hair when it’s dry – that way you won’t end up with it trimmed shorter than you’d hoped!

3. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Unlike shaving, where going against the direction of hair growth is a no-no, it’s okay to go against the grain when using a trimmer because the blades don’t make contact with the skin. Sincehair grows in different directions across the body you’ll get more even results if you sweep the trimmer over the body using a variety of directions.

4. Balance things out. If you’re trimming chest hair make sure you also trim the hair on your stomach and groin, too, or it’ll look uneven and odd. Likewise, if you’re going for a smooth look down below make sure you trim your stomach and chest hair too.

5. Be an underarm avenger. With odour-causing bacteria treating armpit hair like a five star hotel, trimming pit hair is a great way to stay fresh and feel comfortable. Trimming it will rob them of a home - without the pain of itchy regrowth associated with shaving.

6. Keep a tidy trunk line. A little pubic topiary doesn’t just ensure a man looks better in his Speedos, it’s also reputed to add ‘optical inch’ where it matters. If you’re worried about the area feeling prickly in your pants apply a body moisturiser to the skin each day to keep things soft and supple.

7. Take the sting out of shaving. Prefer super-smooth results and like to use a razor to achieve them? Use the Panasonic ER-GB80 to trim hairs down to the shortest length possible first and you’ll make shaving irritation a lot less likely.

8. Get sculpting. To create the illusion of a ‘V’ shaped torso try sculpting your chest rug into a ‘tree’ shape’. Start by shaving the hair on your stomach, leaving a vertical line up towards your chest, then trim any hair under your pecs, leaving the hair on your chest itself a little longer.

9. Go easy! Remember that trimming away body hair reveals the flesh beneath - which is great news if you’re ripped; not so great if you’ve a burgeoning ‘dad bod’. If in doubt start trimming on a longer setting and see how you look before using the body hair attachment. You can always trim more hair off but you can’t stick it back on!

10. Make manscaping part of your routine. To maintain your look and prevent itchy re-growth get into the habit of trimming regularly. A few minutes, a couple of times a week is all it takes to stay immaculately manscaped.