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​They think it’s smooth all over… it is now!

Blog post   •  Jun 08, 2016 16:00 BST

Stylist to Vardy, Simpson, Rooney & Bale sets the standard at the Euros; styles sure to be emulated around the streets of the UK and Europe for months to come

Award-winning international stylist and Panasonic UK Ambassador for Grooming Daniel Johnson has got up close and personal with some of the biggest names in the world of football – whether it’s trimming Wayne Rooney or styling Jamie Vardy, he’s never far away from a footballer in need of a good cut.

He’s the man responsible for some of the most well-known sporting haircuts in the world - and let’s face it, when it comes to style, where footballers go, many men in the UK and around the world will follow.

Our latest research suggests that the prevalence of beards on football pitches around the country means that the age of the ‘clean-shaven look’ may be coming to an end – for the first time Europeans aged between 18 and 24 years old prefer a man’s face to be hairy (51%), not hair-free (49%).

While women in the UK and France are the biggest fans of the smoothed-face look (76%), the trend for beards is here to stay with the number of women across Europe preferring the rugged look increasing by 11% between 2013 (20%) and 2016 (31%).

But the research comes with a warning, says Johnson. “Guys, whether you’re boasting a beard or styling it out with just a bit of shade on your chin, keep it groomed! I use Panasonic Shavers and Trimmers on all of my clients and they’re just the job for whatever style you’re rocking – pre, during or post-Euros!”

Another trend among footballers which is now hitting the mainstream is ‘Manscaping’, or the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body’, and the stats don’t lie. In contrast to the growing popularity of facial hair among European women, it’s clear that less is more when it comes to hairy chests. Despite nearly six out of ten (59%) women in Europe now preferring a man with a smooth chest, they are likely to be disappointed - three quarters (75%) of European men surveyed said they never remove hair from that area.

That said, German men are the most likely to get the trimmers out to remove unwanted chest hair (29%), followed by the Italians (23%).

Women’s preference for a hair-free male body doesn’t stop at a man’s chest hair. One in three (33%) European women prefer their men to shave their legs, rising to 41% for women in France and Italy. Despite this, only 15% of German and 17% of Italian men shave their legs.

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