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Scam (Phishing) Emails Using Panasonic’s name

News   •  Mar 23, 2017 12:15 GMT

Panasonic is aware of an increase in reports of scams and deceptive emails, popularly called “phishing” emails. Such communications claim to offer the opportunity of work or reward using Panasonic’s name to pretend that it is a genuine approach from the company.

Such contact may appear to be either from Panasonic or from a third party acting on behalf of Panasonic. Examples include:

  • Offering work directly or indirectly (e.g. agency for advertising/modelling work for Panasonic products); or
  • Notification of winnings in a Panasonic run or sponsored prize draw or lottery.

The main purpose of such “phishing” is to get hold of your private information, such as personal or financial details (e.g. credit card numbers or passwords) or to obtain payment in supposed return for a larger reward (e.g. to pay administration fees for a photo shoot trial or to pay a fee to release prize draw money).

Panasonic advises that if you receive an e-mail or any other communication using Panasonic’s name asking for personal information, financial information or notifying you of winning an award/prize/competition in which you have not knowingly participated, then you should treat such e-mail with extreme caution.

If you receive suspicious communication that appears to be from or makes references to Panasonic and wish to check that it is genuine, please email us via: or alternatively visit our contact us page for more ways to get in touch:

Unfortunately such scam attempts are now common place on the Internet and affect a wide range of businesses.

In the Irish Republic, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has issued similar guidance available on this link: