Award-Winning Photographer Daniel Berenhulak Takes the DMC-GX8 on an Adventure in Cuba


​Today Panasonic announced the latest interchangeable lens camera in the G Series range, the LUMIX GX8. Award-winning Barcelona and New Delhi-based photographer Daniel Berehulak has been out and about in Cuba with the camera putting it's 4K ability and creative technology to the test.

Today Panasonic announced the latest interchangeable lens camera in the G Series range, the LUMIX GX8. Award-winning Barcelona and New Delhi-based photographer Daniel Berehulak has been out and about in Cuba with the camera putting it's 4K ability and creative technology to the test. Here's Daniel reflecting upon his experience on the vibrant Caribbean island with the GX8...

Cuba: A Portrait Of A City And Its People, On The Brink Of Historical Change

I travelled to Cuba to document an evolving culture and society going through significant social, political and economic change.

I love to watch a city to awaken from first light to last, and observe its people as they go about their daily routine. Whether in the city or in rural areas there is so much colour and beauty to capture in Cuba. I was blown away by the light, peering down the cobble stone streets of old Havana.

I found the people there incredibly open here, and willing to share their stories. I got to know about their passion and what drives them. For example, Cubans are passionate about sport, well known for the boxing and baseball prowess, so I decided to spend time documenting both of these activities. Also, for Cubans, music and dance is a way of life, it’s in their blood. Regardless of age, young and old move to the rhythm of the music spilling up from homes, and echoing through the streets. I immersed myself in the music scene, capturing it with photography and video.

In time to come, I will back fondly at this trip, and be glad to know that I was able to document this incredible country during such a unique time in history and will always remember the warmth and energy of the people of Cuba.

Panasonic Lumix GX8 Camera Review/Experience

The GX8 has been a great companion on this trip, allowing me to work seamlessly, due to its discrete size, versatility, and its ability to record high quality images, perfect for capturing the vibrant city that is Cuba.

The silent mode allowed me to work up close and personal, to capture natural moments without the sound of a shutter.

I’ve been blown away by the light, peering down the cobble stone streets of old Havana, and the camera’s ability to reproduce the colours and texture of this historic city.

Whilst covering sport (boxing and baseball), the 4K photo mode allowed me to save a specific frame, in camera, from an action sequence. The fast auto-focus, and rapid burst rate of the GX8 made it easy to freezer the action, on the field and in a ring.

As a photojournalist having a 4K video, in small size camera, allows me to be more versatile, and creative on assignment. The high resolution is perfect for capturing the energy and sound found in the streets of Havana.

A large variable tilt screen and vertical viewfinder, gives flexibility in how you choose to capture moments, whether it’s tilted up or down, or looking into the view finder, I found the camera easy to manipulate, to achieve those unique angles.

Having a camera, that not only has excellent low light performance, but a dual stabilization system, in lens and in body, gave me the confidence to shoot in extremely low light conditions down to 1/8th of a second, with little or no, camera shake.

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