Brancaster Back in Action with Support of Panasonic


Panasonic helps its corporate partner to reopen a greener, more high-tech activity centre

Today, the National Trust’s Brancaster Activity Centre is celebrating officially re-opening to the public, with the support of Panasonic

The centre has re-opened its doors after eighteen months of closure following a devastating tidal surge in December 2013. These floods caused extensive damage. However, National Trust seized upon this as a perfect opportunity to refurbish and refit the centre, enabling it to provide even better facilities for visitors.

As a strategic technology partner, Panasonic has provided the Brancaster Activity Centre with state-of-the-art audio visual products, including smart TVs, to help it deliver a high-tech learning atmosphere for school groups and a better experience for all visitors. Sharing joint passions for making working environments as eco-friendly as possible, Panasonic has supplied the centre with a range of energy-efficient appliances to help the centre reduce its energy consumption and get closer to being self-sufficient in terms of local energy production and use. Panasonic has also provided appliances for Brancaster Activity Centre’s new self-catering group accommodation that will help the centre to further achieve its aim of contributing to the environment. Panasonic is working with the National Trust on a range of projects to help it bring its properties to life and enhance the visitor experience, through innovative projects like the Brancaster Activity Centre refurbishment.

Speaking about Panasonic’s involvement in the refurbishment, David Bonney, Partnership Manager at Panasonic UK, said: “We have huge admiration for the National Trust and the fantastic work that it does, so are very excited to be able to help our corporate partner with projects like the Brancaster Activity Centre refurbishment. The centre was opened in 1999 to provide outdoor adventure activities and residential stays for school children and has entertained thousands since, so it is brilliant that it is back in action, and we’re happy to be a part of that.”

“It’s great to have visitors back in the Brancaster Activity Centre and to have the building buzzing with happy children again” says Katherine Tofield, Outdoor Learning Centre Manager. “The team has worked really hard to get the centre up and running, and we’re really pleased with the result. We’re grateful to Panasonic for providing such a fantastic array of technologies and energy-efficient home appliances for our centre. We’re looking forward to welcoming many more visitors in the future.”

Moving forwards, the team at Brancaster Activity Centre hopes to attract more visitors and new schools – the Norfolk coast gets over a million visitors a year so the tourism potential is huge. They also want to encourage visitors staying with them to think about energy consumption, so they display messaging to encourage people to turn off lights and use the dishwasher only when it is full etc., especially in the new self-catering accommodation.

Due to the centre’s location, flooding always remains a small risk, so many flood mitigation measures have been installed, including flood gates and sacrificial wall coverings, which mean that the centre can soon be operational again following any future floods.

Technical Details:

Panasonic provided a range of products to Brancaster Activity Centre:

  • Free standing appliances– Low-energy fridge-freezers, high-capacity washing machines and heat pump tumble dryers.
  • Energy efficiency is key when you go through as many washes as Brancaster Activity centre; with lots of outdoors activities, laundry resources are at a premium so the A+++ rating on Panasonic’s washers is very welcome.
  • Visitors can keep food at its best in Panasonic’s Vitamin-Safe fridge compartment and 5°C Fresh Zone; perfect for well-balanced school meals with lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Panasonic heat pump tumble dryers use up to 40% less energy than some conventional units.
  • Built-in appliances Built-in ovens,combination microwave ovens, dishwasher,induction hob and a wall-mounted extractor hood.
  • Making the dishes less of a chore for Brancaster staff and self-catering visitors, the Panasonic dishwasher has an A+++ efficiency rating and a half-load option so is super eco-friendly.
  • Induction is a very eco-friendly much safer cooking method, where the hob doesn’t produce heat but give you the control of gas cooking with design of a conventional designer hob but giving significant energy savings at the same time. Panasonic induction hobs use just enough power to consistently cook at precisely the right temperature without wasting energy, thanks to the unique ‘Genius’ Sensors, which give consistent cooking results every time, further saving time and energy costs.
  • Panasonic’s energy efficiency class A ovens have 62 litre capacity and combine time saving technologies like pyrolytic cleaning wiliest their 32 litre combination microwaves are able to combine the features of microwave, grill and convection cooking to deliver the fast cooking of nutricious foods.
  • Audio visual products – Panasonic’s award-winning LED VIERA TVs and Blu-ray players have been celebrated for bringing top‐quality video and audio to homes throughout the world and are being used in the centre to show educational programmes to school groups. Panasonic’s latest range of slim, wall mountable soundbars provide an immersive sound experience so visitors can really enjoy movies, games and TV programmes.


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