Brits need to brush up on their smile - Tips to perfect a healthy smile from Panasonic’s expert Smileologist


• 77 per cent of Brits don’t brush for long enough
• 27 per cent brush for less than a minute!

  • Over three-quarters (77 per cent) of Brits don’t brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes and, more shockingly, over a quarter of Brits (27 per cent) clean their teeth for less than a minute, according to new research. Panasonic’s smile expert, Dr Mark Hughes, says teeth should be cleaned for at least two minutes, twice a day, for effective oral hygiene.
  • A survey of over 2,000 British adults, conducted by Panasonic UK toothbrushes, found on average, adults brush their teeth for one minute and thirty seconds. For those aged 55 and over, 35 per cent brushed for just a minute or less. The research also unveils that 10 per cent of those who live in Northern Ireland only spend thirty seconds or less to brush.
  • One of the most experienced exponents of cosmetic dentistry and smile transformations, as well as founder of Harley Street Dental Group, Dr Mark Hughes, gives his tips on how to get the perfect healthy smile:
  • Regular and effective cleaning – Clean in-between each tooth and around the mouth by:
  • oBrushing for at least two minutes to make sure all areas all cleaned comprehensively. Using a timer on your electronic toothbrush can really help ensure you are brushing for the recommended time
  • oUsing an electronic toothbrush with advanced features such as Panasonic’s, will ensure total oral care. Exceptional ‘ionic technology’1 improves the effectiveness of plaque removal, and unique ‘sonic vibration technology’2 allows brushing along the gumline with gentle and horizontal movements. All areas between teeth can be meticulously cleaned with help from a triple-edged brush that has extra fine bristles
  • oUse point, silicon and tongue interdental brushes instead of dental tape for flossing to get all around the mouth clean
  • Diet management – Have a healthy balanced diet. Avoid sugary and acidic food consumption as this creates erosion and decay of the teeth
  • Regular dentist visits – As a minimum, visit the dentist once a year for an examination. For someone with a history of dental problems, twice a year is recommended for a check up. React to problems and don’t delay checking on dental troubles
  • Invest in dental hygiene visits – Just as important, invest in a dental hygienist to professionally clean teeth in difficult places
  • Don’t use teeth as a tool – Respect your teeth. Avoid anything that will aggressively promote wearing, chipping or breaking of teeth




Notes to editors

  • Panasonic electric toothbrush (EW-DE92) key features:
  • 1‘Ionic technology’ – The brush head has an electrode section which produces ions in the oral cavity which takes care of plaque, stains and naturally whitens teeth. The ionic technology temporarily changes the tooth's negative ionic charge to a positive charge, so that the negative charge from the toothbrush attracts the plaque and food particles away
  • 2‘Sonic technology’ for base brushing – high-speed vibrations from the toothbrush (at 31,000 strokes per minute) which allows for a fully comprehensive brushing technique to create a clean, smooth and comfortable experience
  • Brush timer to help you brush for the recommended amount of time (2 minutes)
  • Four cleaning modes: White, Soft, Sensitive and Gumcare
  • Three brush heads included: Stain Care Brush, Two-way Silicon Brush and the Point Brush
  • Tongue cleaner for removing debris causing bad breath
  • Triple edged brush for total oral care
  • Four weeks usage off one full charge
  • Includes travel case


Smile Expert biog

Dr Mark Hughes
BA, BDentSc (Dubl), DRDP (UCL)

  • Gained exceptional dental qualifications and years of experience both of which he had brought to his London dental practice. He graduated with honours from Trinity College and also attended the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute, where he gained a diploma in restorative dentistry
  • He is also the founder of the dental surgery harleystreetdentalgroup.org, 52 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PY



  • Panasonic UK toothbrushes omnibus survey of 2,002 British adults was conducted by Opinium on 19th May 2015. Data is available on request
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