Experience Panasonic built-in kitchen appliances at boutique new cookery school, HH&Co BACKSTAGE


Opening this month, HH&Co BACKSTAGE is a brand new cookery school at the New Forest’s luxury country house hotel, Lime Wood. It is equipped with sleek home appliances from Panasonic, such as energy-efficient induction hobs and built-in ovens.

Opening this month, HH&Co BACKSTAGE is a brand new cookery school at the New Forest’s luxury country house hotel, Lime Wood. It is equipped with sleek home appliances from Panasonic, such as energy-efficient induction hobs and built-in ovens. Led by well-known chefs Angela Hartnett, Luke Holder and Iain Longhorn, this cookery school is a great chance for home cooks of all abilities to get hands-on with some Panasonic kit and learn how to make delicious food in a fun and informal way.

To support Lime Wood in opening its first cookery school, Panasonic has provided the finest kitchen products so that visitors can have as pleasant and easy a cooking experience as possible, as if they are cooking at home. Each station has an induction hob, built-in oven and extractor hood. The chefs at Lime Wood chose Panasonic for their new venture because they wanted equipment that reflected the performance and simplicity they currently use in the main Lime Wood kitchen without the industrial look and feel. The performance, functionality, look, and feel of the Panasonic range with its subtle product design blends well with the school’s rustic, country kitchen aesthetic – they’d suit any style of kitchen. It is also a good chance for Lime Wood to support UK manufacturing, since – thanks to the popularity of induction in the UK – Panasonic now manufacture induction hobs in Cardiff.

Head chef, Luke Holder said: “We aim to wow guests with simple and consistent cooking. With Panasonic induction hobs, we can help visitors to cook things they never thought they could cook – like braised beef cheeks and truffle baked bream – as they are so easy to use, and the results are the same every time. We want visitors to challenge their cookery skills and achieve restaurant-style dishes at home, which is why we wanted them to be able to do it on the best appliances.”

Over the past two years, the UK has experienced a boom in home cooking, with many retailers reporting increased sales of cooking equipment. As more families are starting to prepare their meals from scratch, cookery schools like HH&Co BACKSTAGE are a perfect weekend get-away. “The benefits of cooking at home with fresh ingredients can’t be understated, which is why it is great that chefs like Angela, Luke and Ian are helping people to hone their chef skills,” said Rie Fujii, Product Manager for Built-in Appliances, Panasonic UK. “It’s only natural, however, that home cooks look for ways to offset the additional preparation time that cooking from scratch entails. Luckily for visitors to HH&Co BACKSTAGE, cooking on induction hobs is often quicker and easier. For example, Panasonic induction hobs can bring a pan of water to the boil twice as fast as gas and three times quicker than a conventional electric hob, based on internal testing. Plus, with Panasonic’s innovative one-touch ‘Autoboil’ function, boiling water on the hob is easier than ever.”

The higher speed of induction cooking can be explained by the efficiency of its heat transfer. Unlike other methods, induction hobs work by generating heat directly in the pan without heating up the surrounding surfaces and air. This means that up to 90 percent of the energy is transferred to heating the contents of your pan, as compared to as little as 40 percent when cooking on gas. This makes for a much more pleasant cooking experience as it keeps the kitchen cool, and is a big bonus for environmentally conscious households. While induction is already a very eco-friendly cooking method, Panasonic induction hobs use just enough power to consistently cook at precisely the right temperature without wasting energy, thanks to the Infra-Red ‘Genius’ Sensors.

Panasonic induction hobs have a few advanced features that save home cooks time and energy costs. The ‘Genius’ Sensors, unique to Panasonic, give consistent cooking results every time with smart, reactive temperature control that gives any home chef peace of mind that their dinner party recipes will turn out well. The stylish touch controls mean that busy home-chefs can easily choose the cooking temperature or make use of the temperature ‘Boost’ for maximum cooking convenience. The ‘Pause/Play’ function will be especially useful for HH&Co BACKSTAGE chefs, as they can pause cooking while teaching.

Open to all cooking levels, from beginners to culinary maestros, HH&Co BACKSTAGE offers seven styles of cookery class, including seasonal entertaining for original and stress-free dinner parties all year round and vegetarian courses for all things green. Kids can even join in too; the ‘Little Nippers’ course allows families to cook together and teaches kids how to make their own delicious and nutritious treats. The induction hobs also come in handy here, as the pan rather than the surface heats up, so there is no hot surface or flame for mini master chefs to burn themselves on. What’s more, Panasonic induction hobs have advanced features that switch off a hob which has been activated accidentally and can even tell when the pan is empty, ensuring that your miniature culinary genius doesn’t burn the house down. Whichever class whets your appetite, the new cookery school at Lime Wood, custom-built with the help of Panasonic, is well worth a visit.


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