Panasonic announces next generation of male grooming devices


Precision shaping and safety utilising Japanese blade technology and design

Panasonic has today announced the launch of two new trimmers for male grooming, the ER-GD50 and ER-GD60. These latest additions to Panasonic’s high-end range provide a perfect balance of power and precision, and feature a new innovative, i-Shaped design enabling even more control for exceptional shaping and definition.

Both devices feature a new safety blade which is wide and rounded so there's little stimulation; preventing irritation for even the most sensitive skin. The innovative use of Japanese Blade technology has also extended the lifetime of the blades to three years of use.

Freer, easier shaping for outstanding beard design

The new GD series trimmers boast a brand new i-Shaped design for contouring, shaving, shaping and trimming facial hair; perfect for design-oriented beard styles. Three-way styling is also achieved through four functions in each single unit to achieve sharp lines and detailed design.

Both trimmers incorporate Japanese blade technology for outstanding control and sharp lines. The 35mm-length blades ensure an incredibly close shave to easily achieve straight, clear-cut lines, even on the most stubborn of beards.

An additional 0.5mm – 10mm (at intervals of 0.5 mm) -length adjusting comb permits easy, clean trimming to a desired length. Also for those busy mornings, it’s possible to enjoy a dry shave without the need for shaving foam.

Exceptional precision for even smoother skin

The innovative i-Shaped design offers easy, precise shaving via fingertip-touch for cheeks and under the chin. By moving the styler by the fingertips, not only is a detailed finish possible, but users can see the edge of the blade whilst shaving.

In contrast to conventional blades, the edges of the fixed blade of both the GD50 and GD60 are wide and rounded so there's little stimulation on the skin. The gaps on the fixed blade are also narrow, making it hard for skin to enter – resulting in a gentle shave on even the most sensitive of skin.

With a charging time of just one hour for 50 minutes’ use, both shavers impress with their simple and clean design. The GD50 shaver/trimmer comes in a black body, whereas the body of the GD60 shaver/trimmer is black and silver. Both devices have washable blades.

The signature GD60 comes with an additional 10mm attachment which offers increased detail design, perfect for difficult areas such as beneath the mouth.

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