Panasonic Bread Maker Offers New Options Tailored to European Baking


The SD-ZB2512 now perfectly bakes rustic sourdough bread, artisan bread and scones

Panasonic today announces the new Panasonic Bread Maker (SD-ZB2512) with three new additional baking options, as part of its expanded line-up of healthy-lifestyle small home appliances. The latest model now offers you a convenient option to create tasty rustic sourdough bread, artisan bread and scone bread at home using all of your favourite recipes.

Offering a wide range of bread and dough recipes

The SD-ZB2512 has 33 different baking and dough modes, with new additions including rustic sourdough bread made by incorporating a long fermentation process for a delicious, mildly sour taste and natural ingredients. You can now bake artisan bread filled with any ingredient of your choice such as cheese, herbs or vegetables, and for a slightly sweeter option there is also a mode to bake light, fluffy scones.

All the standard settings such as white bread, rye bread, French bread and pizza dough are included in the SD-ZB2512.


Unique features ensure perfect results every time

The sleek, stainless steel design of the SD-ZB2512 features an ambient temperature sensor which measures room temperatures throughout the baking process. This sensor makes the necessary adjustments to the programme to ensure consistent results regardless of the external temperature.

The bread maker delivers exceptional kneading technology for mixing multiple ingredients evenly – critical in ensuring perfect results. In addition, the SD-ZB2512 features a dispenser for adding yeast at the optimal time, and a removable and washable fruit and nut dispenser distributes ingredients at just the right point in the baking process.

“We developed our latest Panasonic Bread Maker to give consumers the ability to bake a wide range of breads effortlessly, while having total control of what goes into their bread,” said Robin Ferraby, Marketing Manager Small Kitchen Appliances at Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH. “The Bread Maker allows you to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the simple pleasure of having the smell of freshly baked bread fill your home.”





SD-2511W and SD-2511B

Along with the SD-ZB2512, two additional models (SD-2511W and SD-2511K) are also available in black or white. The SD-2511W and SD-2511K have all the features of the SD-ZB2512 except for the yeast dispenser.

SD-ZB2512 Specs:

Variable bread size up to large setting (XL, X, M)

Crust colour (Light, Medium, Dark)

Yeast Dispenser

Raisin Nut dispenser (150g)

Timer (up to 13 hours)

Temperature control senser

Diamond Fluoro-coated bread pan, kneading blade,

Body colour (SUS&Black)

Dimensions(mm) wxhxd (256x382x389)

Power Consumption (Max 550W)

Accessories - Measure cup(310ml)

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