​Panasonic brings salon results to your home with a new IPL and epilator


New beauty products offer enhanced performance and precision to help you achieve a seamlessly smooth look

Panasonic has today unveiled two new beauty products: the ES-WH90 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal System and the 8-in-1 ES-ED96 Wet/Dry Epilator.


Incorporating decades of experience in developing high performance personal care products, the new additions team intelligent design with innovative technology for a beautiful, fuss-free result.



Light up for luscious limbs


Silky smooth, perfectly maintained skin is a must-have this summer season. With the ES-WH90, Panasonic’s newest elegantly designed IPL Hair Removal System, you can get professional, salon-quality results at home.


With the Panasonic IPL ES-WH90, hair removal is quick and simple: the extra-large 5.4cm² flash window features a high three second flash rate enabling you to treat your whole body – legs, arms, underarms and bikini line – in just 20 minutes.


Beauty junkies and IPL-newcomers alike will also welcome a brand new attachment for facial hair. Developed as a result of consumer feedback, this ingenious addition removes sensitive facial hair while also giving you a revitalizing facial treatment.


The ES-WH90 uses Intense Pulsed Light technology to significantly reduce regrowth, gradually removing those annoying little hairs. By applying pulses of light to the follicles, IPL effectively breaks the cycles of regrowth so the hair sheds naturally without the worry of irritation.


The wavelength of IPL technology also reaches the skin’s pores to stimulate skin cell renewal, leaving you with beautiful, glowing skin.


There is good news too for the durability and value of the ES-WH90. With a life span five times that of the original model, the lamps will only need to be changed after approximately 100,000 flashes, equating to fourteen years for the body or nine years for facial hair.



Eight is great for epilation


Panasonic’s 8-in-1 ES-ED96 Wet/Dry Epilator is a fantastic addition to your skincare collection and the perfect device for an at-home spa experience. With eight separate attachments and a 60 degree flexible oscillating head, you can benefit from a complete head-to-toe grooming program.


The newest model features a Sonic Facial Brush for extra-gentle exfoliating of even the most sensitive skin. Perfectly preparing the skin for epilation, the extra-soft bristles gently remove dry skin cells and cleanse the pores, leaving you with fewer blemishes and softer skin. The smooth rotation of the brush also stimulates the regeneration of the top skin layer, so it’s contributing to a fresher complexion too.


Larger and smaller attachments provide greater control, so you can remove hairs on legs, arms, bikini line and underarms at a pace that suits you. The 48 tweezers capture even the finest hairs on the body, removing them thoroughly for a long lasting effect. Together with the classic shaving and trimmer attachment, the device helps you complete your look. 

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