Panasonic Debuts Its First Slow Juicer Model to UK Market


The new MJ-L500 Slow Juicer limits the loss of nutrients and creates frozen treats such as ice cream and cocktails

From March Panasonic will introduce its first Slow Juicer in the UK, the MJ-L500. The Slow Juicer is designed for you to quickly create healthy drinks and smoothies, without damaging important nutrients and enzymes. Available in 3 three colours, silver, champagne and red. The new MJ-L500 with a compact footprint, will easily fit on your kitchen worktop* and includes an innovative frozen attachment, which is perfect for creating frozen foods and drinks for family & friends with ease.


What is slow juicing?

The Slow Juicer’s method of extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables provides a more effective way for you to enjoy the benefits of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Thanks to its a spinning action rather than cutting, Panasonic have conducted tests which prove that the Slow Juicer ensures there is up to 100% more vitamin C in your juicethan traditional juicing. The Slow Juicer’s sleek design, featuring a stainless steel tipped juicing screw and a powerful low-speed motor (which operates at just 45 spins per minute), presses and squashes fruits and vegetables which avoids loss of nutrients, limits heat and air exposure, and therefore ensures there is no unsightly separation in your drink.


Processing frozen or harder foods with ease

The Slow Juicer allows you to process frozen foods simply, meaning you can quickly and conveniently enjoy fruity desserts straight out of the freezer. The fact that it is very easy to clean means you can get creative entertaining friends at your next party and make frozen yogurts, sorbets and frozen cocktails, any time of the day. The MJ-L500 has been developed to process a variety of harder foodssuch as ginger, which many high-speed juicers are unable to process effectively. Most importantly, if your kids don’t like to eat their fruit or vegetables, you can effortlessly incorporate important vitamins into their diet by serving them nutrient fresh juices and smoothies.


* Dimensions of Slow Juicer: 15cm x 13cm

About Panasonic

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