​Panasonic Expands Its Range of Kitchen Appliances, including all-new Steam Microwave and Slow Juicer


The new range brings professional and practical cooking to the kitchen, allowing you to live and eat fresh

Panasonic has today announced the expansion of its kitchen appliances range, including a new 27L Compact Steam Combination Oven DS596, which builds on the ‘Turbo Steam’ function of its predecessor, creating a high steam density. From this month Panasonic will also introduce the new MJ-L500 Slow Juicer in three eye catching colours – red, silver and champagne, which includes an innovative frozen attachment to make ice-cream and frozen cocktails. Finally, the new Food Processor MK-F800 and High Power Blender MX-ZX1800 both in die-cast aluminium finish.


As more of us embrace a mindful approach to healthy, sustainable living, Panasonic is addressing this trend with its new Experience Fresh philosophy. Combined with Panasonic’s Japanese heritage, Panasonic’s intelligent kitchen appliances provide an ideal balance of premium style, precision and performance enabling the whole family to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


‘Fresh Food Fast’ in a compact design, the DS596 Steam Combination Oven

Panasonic announces the new 27L Compact Steam Combination Oven, the DS596*, injects steam directly into the microwave’s sealed cavity, meaning you maintain the moist texture and nutrient-richness of fresh foods. Meanwhile, for fast food without the guilt, the new square ‘Panacrunch’ grill uses a Quartz heater to grill both the top and bottom of the food simultaneously, giving a crunchy texture with grilled lines, while draining excess oil out the side of the grill.


The compact 4 in 1 microwave - steam, oven, grill and microwave enables you to prepare a wide range of fresh and delicious meals fast. With its 23 auto menus and an easy-clean, non-stick coating, you will achieve outstanding meal results. For example, simultaneous use of the oven and steam settings keeps meat succulent when roasting, while combining the grill and microwave modes speeds up cooking time and retains crispiness. You can cook roast chicken and vegetables in only 45 minutes. This compact design also features a pull-down door and flatbed technology.


Sleek design for a healthy, fuss-free lifestyle, the MJ-L500 Slow Juicer

Panasonic is introducing the new MJ-L500 Slow Juicer in three fashionable colours – red, champagne and silver, creating an eye-catching impact in the kitchen. Styled to suit any décor, the simple, small and easy-to-clean design is a real statement of healthy living. The unique motor action extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by pressing and squashing – not spinning and slicing – limiting damage to nutrients through exposure to heat and air, avoiding unsightly separations in your drink.


You can even get creative when entertaining friends with the Slow Juicer’s advanced frozen attachment, which can be used to make food and drink such as frozen yogurts, sorbets and frozen cocktails. Whatever your lifestyle, you can easily craft nutrient rich fresh juices and foods with this sleek appliance, and conveniently incorporate juicing into your daily routine.


Professionally prepared food at the touch of a button, using new Food Processor

This year Panasonic will introduce a Food Processor – the flagship MK-F800 (die-cast aluminium) – marking the European launch of its gourmet food preparation range. You’ll no longer need to prep by hand thanks to its 13 accessories, ranging from a French fry blade for creating perfectly shaped chips, to a salad spinner for making dry salad mixes.


With the model’s glass touch control, matching the design of the microwave and breadmakers, you can also select from five auto-menus, including mincing, chopping and grating. Alternatively, you can select ‘manual’ and take control of speed and pulse settings. Inspired by the Panasonic ‘Experience Fresh’ philosophy, the new easy-lift Food Processors allow you to produce a variety of fresh and delicious meals with speed and precision.


Panasonic’s new die-cast aluminium High Power Blender (MX-ZX1800) boasts the same glass-touch interface technology with six auto ‘menus’, giving you consistent results whenPreparing anything from purees to ice-cream, which can also be kept chilled with the Freezer Pack Jacket. The sheer range of functions offered by the all-in-one MX-ZX1800 model makes cooking so much easier, offering real value.


Complete with Panasonic’s layered six sharp blade and powerful motor system, you can get the most from fresh ingredients whether crushing, smoothing or roughly chopping. With varying speeds and rotations you can even make heated soups, then when you’re done, simply detach the blade system for easy cleaning.


* In the UK, we have the NN-CS894 combination steam microwave oven and now the new DS596M compact steam combination oven.

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