Panasonic Introduces its New Grill + Microwave Oven Range for ‘Fresh Food Fast’


The new range of microwave oven technology with easy grilling functionality embraces Panasonic’s ‘Experience Fresh’ mind-set

15th February 2017 Panasonic continues to lead the way in product innovation, by showcasing its new 23L Grill + Microwave Ovens, NN-GD38H and NN-GD37H, at the 2017 Panasonic Convention. The product range embodies healthy living, through added optional accessories, by incorporating a steam cooking functionality to the grill oven category[i] .

Panasonic’s Experience Fresh philosophy addresses the demand in Europe to adopt a mindful approach to healthy, sustainable living. Combined with Panasonic’s Japanese heritage, the new 23L Grill + Microwave Oven range provides an ideal balance of premium style, precision and performance enabling the whole family to enjoy a healthy lifestyle..

Not Just an Elegant Cooking Pot

Europeans are increasingly looking for ways to consume fresher, healthier food. Steam cooking is one of the best methods to serve ‘fresh food fast’ no matter how busy your schedule. Panasonic’s 23L Grill + Microwave Oven[ii]builds on the success of the ‘Panacrunch’ grill with a new ‘Steam + Pan’ accessory, adding an elegant stainless steel lid for an easy steaming and grilling combination.

This multi-purpose microwave oven range keeps food juicy and succulent, retaining nutrients from fresh ingredients, giving your grilled foods that golden brown texture and taste whilst producing good quality fresh food fast.

Efficiency at the touch of a button with three new functions


‘Quick 30’ enables you to quickly and simply cook for 30 seconds without the need for selecting additional settings. Also the ‘Add Time’ function offers personalised flexibility in the kitchen. If the time set on an automatic cooking program is not enough and you prefer to cook your food for longer, you can use ‘Add Time’ to add as much cooking time as you wish. Finally if you want to get rid of unpleasant food smells from your microwave, the Aqua Clean function is for you. Simply place a cup of water and some lemon juice in the microwave and press the Aqua Clean button. This will start to boil the cup of water and the steam produced inside the microwave will deodorize and clean the interior without needing to use cleaning products.

The Inverter Technology Advantage


Panasonic’s Inverter technology is another key component of the 23L Grill + Microwave Oven line-up. Panasonic has decades of microwave market leadership experience and Inverter technology is at the heart of it. Primarily, Inverter technology finely controls the microwave power level from low to high power, cooking food evenly with no cold spots. Models without Inverter technology are only able to run at a maximum, turning on and off to simulate lower power cooking, which is not suitable for some foods such as gently defrosting fish or cooking soft foods suitable for infants. This continuous power control delivers optimum cooking and time-saving results for fresh food fast.

Both models will be available in-market in May with an RRP of £154.99.

[i] GD38H, GD37H models

[ii] GD38H, GD37H models

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