Panasonic Launches new Hi-Fi Music Systems with Expansive Sound and Stylish Design


New SC-UA3 Hi-Fi systems offer a brand new, all-in-one audio experience with a sleek, urban design

Panasonic has today announced a new addition to its wide range of urban audio products. The UA3 boast a powerful amplifier, producing compelling, expansive sound in a uniquely shaped, stylish body. It delivers a breath-taking music experience with a 300W powerful system and a sleek urban design, complete with a distinctive handle. Although it's not battery powered, it's easy to move from room to room or even outside for a garden party.

The revolutionary, all-in-one design of the UA3 provides dynamic sound and multimedia capabilities with Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port for linking to audio from a smartphone, tablet or other device. From Bluetooth and USB port to one-touch smartphone song requests, the UA3 allows the user to be in complete control.

Powerful, room-filling expansive sound

Despite its size, the UA3 boasts powerful and clear sound and is packed full of features to get the party started. The system allows users to play music from a variety of sources, including Bluetooth, USB, CD and radio, and adjust sound with its Local Preset Equalizer. With ‘Jukebox Request’ functionality the music never has to stop.

The UA3 combines various technologies to create a more dynamic, powerful bass. The distinctive rear honeycomb structure enhances rigidity, while the Trapezoid Cabinet and Aerodynamic Port - with its optimised aerodynamic design - reduce resonance. It delivers extraordinarily high volume and clear sound with a strong base.

In addition to aligning the woofers and tweeters, Panasonic has added two more tweeters at the corners so that the UA3 delivers music equally over a wider area. Outward and forward-facing tweeters are found on both the left and right sides, whereas the angle of the four tweeters and Aerodynamic Port (on the left and right), are aligned to offer better sound pressure levels compared to conventional models.

Sleek and urban design

The UA3’s compact yet high-quality, horizontal design has a matte finish on the sides, creating a beautiful contrast with the hairline edge of the upper section. Fan-shaped Woofers give the model its expansive sound capabilities and the mirrored finish adds to a trendy design feel.

The central buttons are backlit and the line running along the distinctively-designed handle is also illuminated. These blue lights break up the black surface, adding to the urban design feel. 

About Panasonic

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