​Panasonic Launches Nubo, World’s First Mobile Monitoring Camera


Connected camera protects all the things most important to you - even where there’s no Wi-Fi

Panasonic has today launched Nubo into the consumer market, the world’s first mobile monitoring camera allowing you to monitor all the things you love, cherish and treasure, wherever you are. Taking advantage of 4G LTE, 3G or 2G mobile connectivity, Panasonic Nubo is the world’s first mobile monitoring camera that makes monitoring possible in places without Wi-Fi connectivity – such as a tent at a festival, a horse in a remote stable or a moored boat - you can protect the things most important to you, at all times.

Nubo, available for pre-order across Europe and the US[1] starting this month from www.nubocam.com, is an untethered device that gives you all the benefits of a mobile security camera, with the added advantage of 4G connectivity. Managed through a mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone, the camera connects seamlessly with the Panasonic cloud meaning you can view live streams from the camera or receive alerts, all without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

Peace of mind for the most important things in your life

The easy-to-use, versatile monitoring camera means you’ll never have to worry if your valuable assets are protected. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, Nubo will give peace of mind that your valuables are securely monitored.

Offering advanced video analytics and sensor controls, the Nubo camera will trigger alerts to your mobile device when something significant occurs in the area that is being monitored. The system is even able to detect human figures, enabling tailored alerts and alarms, as well as offering two-way dialogue, so you can communicate through the camera when an alert is triggered.

Connected platform for easy and efficient mobile monitoring

Panasonic is providing the Nubo system as a complete platform, incorporating a ready-to-go camera, a mobile data plan, a mobile app for controls and alerts, add-on options, and a secure cloud storage option which enables seamless management of data and videos for the user. Nubo’s cloud storage system is built on technology developed by Panasonic Cameramanager, which was acquired by Panasonic in 2013, and has delivered enterprise-grade security for more than a decade.

The launch of Nubo marks the first consumer product that takes advantage of Panasonic Europe’s new Mobile Virtual Network Platform launched earlier this year and allows connected devices – such as Nubo – direct access to Panasonic’s cloud via mobile connectivity. This enables Panasonic Europe to begin to integrate mobile connectivity across product lines, and develop cloud-enabled services designed to make both personal and business life smarter and more efficient.


[1] Shipping starts in November for EU and beginning of 2016 in US.

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