Panasonic launches virtual solar service in UK stores


Panasonic today increased their solar offering to UK homeowners by launching their cutting edge virtual solar service in three consumer Panasonic stores across the UK.

Panasonic today increased their solar offering to UK homeowners by launching their cutting edge virtual solar service in three consumer Panasonic stores across the UK.

The innovative online platform empowers homeowners to make an informed decision about installing a solar system. By allowing users to create a virtual system on their roof, the platform provides a clear estimate of how much energy potential buyers can produce, and the earnings they would generate from Panasonic’s photovoltaic module HIT®. The virtual solar platform calculates the investment costs for users to go solar, with an easy to use interface and enables them to request a quote including a roof survey and qualified support by an experienced Panasonic Premium Installer.

The service will initially be launched at the company’s Crawley, Brighton and Leicester stores and will feature alongside Panasonic’s high-efficiency solar PV modules. In-store staff will be on hand to introduce customers to the virtual solar process, and be involved in all sequential steps from initial estimate, to a grid-connected Panasonic solar system.

The stores partner with selected Panasonic Premium Installers and besides the workstation in-store, the virtual platform is also linked to the stores’ official website. Based on the success of the initial store rollout, Panasonic will consider expanding the virtual solar platform to its branded stores nationwide.

“Since launching the virtual solar platform in October last year, the platform has been immensely well received by both UK homeowners and solar installers,” stated Daniel Roca, UK Country Manager. “By launching the service within these selected stores, we are giving UK consumers even greater opportunity to see how financially viable it is to go solar, as well as learning more about our expanding solar module products for the UK market."

The announcement comes after Panasonic’s new N285 solar module was launched in the UK during Ecobuild 2015 in March. The module features a pioneering short panel design that enables installers to fit an additional module row upon conventional small or medium-sized UK rooftops. This unique design also optimizes its compatibility with the UK’s 4kWp feed-in tariff (FiT), allowing homeowners to maximize their earnings under the current FiT level.



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