​Panasonic Presents 'Experience Fresh' and Future of Food at IFA 2016


Panasonic continues to lead the way in product innovation, by showcasing its new small kitchen appliance range at this year’s consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, IFA 2016.

Panasonic continues to lead the way in product innovation, by showcasing its new small kitchen appliance range at this year’s consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, IFA 2016.

Driving innovation through insight, Panasonic combine a balance of premium style, precision and performance with the latest in leading technology. Working closely with global experts – chefs, opinion formers and future trends specialists The Future Laboratory – Panasonic ensured that its product development was born out of genuine insight into the future of food, dining and lifestyle.

Focusing attention not only on the quality of its products, but also on how they can improve health and wellbeing through the Japanese inspired ‘Experience Fresh’ philosophy; Panasonic’s 2016 range was designed to cater for proven growing consumer trends. These include the demand for optimised health, a detox-retox lifestyle approach and mood-enhancing food.

“More and more consumers care about the quality of food that they eat. They want to eat local, and most importantly, they want to eat fresh. This is a part of the overall growth in interest in wellness and optimization. People are focused on being the best that they can be, and technology is helping them do so – whether that be a form of wearable tech or a smart refrigerator. Both help them achieve their goals.” Daniela Walker, insight editor, The Future Laboratory.

Panasonic Small Kitchen Appliance range 2016:

Enabling the healthy lifestyle and aspirations of the modern day consumer

The sophisticated multi-use Panasonic NN-CS894S Combination Steam Microwave Oven has four functions including Microwave, Convection, Grill and Steam: enabling you to cook healthy, simple dishes for you and your family without any of the fuss. Showcasing the latest in inverter technology, the microwave comprehensively cooks ingredients all the way through consistently. Alongside our market leading steam cooking technology, the specialised functions deliver fresh food fast and easy. Retaining the vitamins in your food, the device allows you to enjoy a nutritious diet which compliments the desire to be the optimal version of ourselves inside and out.

A fundamental addition to the range, the appliance gives the user the option to make subtle small tweaks to the family’s favourite dishes, ensuring a balanced and healthy lifestyle. For example, a simple take on the traditional roast can be ‘made lighter’ with the preparation of steamed vegetables and grilled chicken. To leave you feeling revitalised by retaining the most nutrients from fresh ingredients that are known to have mood boosting effects.

Consumers are increasingly aware that ‘you are what you eat’ relates not just to your physical health. “Mental health is as important as, or more important than, physical health,” co-founder René Sindlev tells LS:N Global, the insight networks platform from The Future Laboratory. Today it is about sustainable lifestyle choices over quick-fixes.

The ultimate time saver, Panasonic’s Food Processor MK-F800 covers everything from genuine full-course cooking to easy single items. From preparation to creation of desserts, this precision processor is the ultimate tool in optimising your lifestyle through the saving of time, ensured quality and results.

Detox-retox is on the rise as consumers seek new ways to have a good time without avoiding alcohol altogether. Consumers are moving on from Neo-Detox and want to combine their wellness lifestyle with a drink. “Consumers are concerned about what they put in their bodies, even when it comes to alcohol.” Joey Repice, general manager and beverage director, The Springs.

Aligned with the increasing desire to introduce juicing into our everyday lives the Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500 combines functionality with innovative design for optimum results. It is perfect for the use of detoxing or to compliment a wellness lifestyle whilst combatting the effects of a busy social life. Unlike the more traditional ‘fast’ juicers, Panasonic’s powerful low-speed motor slowly crushes ingredients instead of cutting them, minimising exposure to heat and air during the pressing process, therefore maximising nutrient retention and creating a juice without unsightly separation.

The Panasonic High Speed Blender MX-ZX1800 is a high-performance machine that can crush ice, chop vegetables and puree whole fruit. Within seconds the user can create mood dining foods such as soups or nut butters, filled with nutrients and perfect for seasonal enjoyment. The latest technology allows you to always experience fresh by retaining the foods’ taste and nutritional value, assisting in maintaining a healthy approach to eating.

The blender’s high quality, dual tier, six-point stainless steel blade system with six pre-programmed settings ensures consistently delicious results every time. The blender boasts three upper blades that use straight, sharp edges for rough cutting, alongside three lower blades with serrated edges for fine chopping. Plus, with a convenient ice jacket accessory included, you can ensure that your frozen drinks stay cold until ready to serve, making it the perfect gadget for summer parties.

Robin Ferraby, Panasonic European Product Marketing Manager, comments: “The current trend for fresh food cooking becoming a high value aspirational choice led us to develop our Experience Fresh range, of which we are very proud. The consumer of today has an increasingly mindful, sustainable, healthy and social approach to food experience – and they will only continue to become more holistic in their expectations, driving their choices across categories as they build their vision for home. It’s our philosophy to deliver products that meet their new lifestyle needs, which is exactly what this range does.”

The Future Laboratory predicts: "When it comes to the Kitchen of the Future, appliances will need to do more than just prepare food: they will need to play a huge part in achieving that ever-aspired-for healthy lifestyle. With lives becoming even more fast-paced, brands may need to explore adding functionality that even moves outside meal prep – combining calorie intake with calorie burn. Will we need to work for our lunch, debit vs credit.”

At IFA 2016 Panasonic and The Future Laboratory will be bringing their insights to life by working with creative food designers Blanch & Shock. Panasonic’s guests at IFA will be greeted with an optimised lunch and dinner experience that highlights the emotional impact of food and drink on the body. The tasting menus will be created using the Panasonic small kitchen appliance range. Blanch & Shock commented “We are really excited to be working with Panasonic’s range of small kitchen appliances, it's impressive how they bring complex processes such as oven steaming and slow juicing to the home kitchen. They make complicated dishes easy to achieve, opening the doors to a variety of options.”

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