​Panasonic Presents the DX802 series, a UHD LED 4K Pro VIERA TV, where Technology Meets Art


A television that harmonizes with your home interiors and expresses your lifestyle, adding the glamour of Hollywood into your living room

29th February 2016 – Panasonic has today announced the new 4K Pro VIERA DX802, a high-end model in the new 2016 range of 4K UHD LED TVs. The DX802 draws on input from Europe’s top furniture companies, architects, and designers and incorporates various artistic touches to complement the interiors of any home. At the same time, the DX802 delivers impressive 4K picture quality for a truly immersive home entertainment experience.


The VIERA DX802, available in 50 or 58-inch, pushes the boundaries of design by redefining the traditional TV form. Carefully engineered displays bring deep contrast and vivid colors into the home, while elegant frames and pedestals present the image like a work of art. Panasonic’s unique approach of mixing art and interiors into its TV design ethos results in a TV that doesn’t just sit atop a piece of furniture. Instead the DX802 is elevated to a piece of stylised furniture in its own right, merging effortlessly with the individual style of your own home interior.


Inspired by furniture design, the DX802 combines a mix of premium finishes and materials, and incorporates a unique polished aluminium frame and bezel with matching fabric speaker – the freestyle design gives viewers the ability to break convention through a freedom to display theTV in the living room in a whole new way. The influence of high-end furniture is also evident in the polished metals, hairline brushed finishes, diamond cut edges and leather-like treatments; all of which bring a stylish look to any room.


As part of the latest generation of Panasonic’s 4K Pro VIERA TVs, the DX802 also combines Panasonic’s leading innovations in High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology and outstanding 4K UHD to reproduce picture quality, contrast and colour just as the director intended.


Experience Hollywood at home

Panasonic’s Hollywood Labs helped to ensure that the DX802’s performance genuinely embodies the director’s vision. By working closely with the best minds in the film businesses, Panasonic has developed a genuine cinematic experience for the home. Equipped with Panasonic’s Studio Master HCX (Hollywood Cinema Experience) processor, the DX802 enables you to view your favourite TV shows and films with breathtaking colour accuracy.


Panasonic’s long-standing relationship with the Hollywood film industry – most recently with award-winning Vanja Cernjul, Director of Photography for popular Netflix series such as Marco Polo – demonstrates how committed Panasonic is to bringing you the most outstanding viewing experiences right to your living room. Panasonic is also working closely with Vanja to create a cinematic short film which explores ways Panasonic’s VIERA Ultra HD Premium TVs faithfully reproduce the director’s vision.


Cinema Display for lifelike colours

The DX802’s Cinema Display is designed to ensure that you see exactly what the filmmakers intended. Lifelike colors and local dimming give your favorite films a new lease of life, adding a new level detail and vibrancy to every scene. And with the ability to simultaneously reproduce deep, dark blacks as well as outstanding brightness, you can enjoy a viewing experience that, until now, was only available at your local movie theatre.


Firefox OS makes Smart TV Simple

Panasonic’s DX802 is powered by Firefox OS. Thanks to the intuitive and customisable TV home screen powered by Firefox OS, you can quickly access favourite TV channels, apps, videos, websites and content through the TV home screen. Consumers are provided with three standard choices for “quick access” to Live TV, apps and personal connected devices. Firefox OS can also be personalised by pinning favourite apps or content to the TV home screen.


A new Firefox OS update, planned for later this year, will provide new ways to discover Web apps and save them to your TV. Firefox OS will feature Web Apps with curated TV optimized Web content (games, news, VOD, weather and more) and offer users an easy “click to watch” content discovery experience with no installation necessary.


This update will also equip Panasonic DX802 UHD TVs powered by Firefox OS with features that provide a seamless Firefox experience across multiple platforms, including a "send to TV" feature to easily share Web contents from Firefox for Android to a Firefox OS-powered TV.



Video-on-Demand Services

In addition to supporting many world-class or locally popular OTT video-on demand services, the DX802 will soon offer titles in HDR from Amazon, including award-winning Amazon Original Series, and more. Panasonic also plans to support the upcoming Netflix HDR streams.


DX802 4K UHD VIERA TV specs:


DX802: Add a Masterpiece to your Home Interior in 4K Quality (58-inch, 50-inch):


  • 4K UHD LED with 2000Hz (BMR) – cutting-edge Cinema Display for impressive picture and motion quality
  • Studio Master HCX – accurate picture processing tuned in Hollywood delivers image quality as the filmmaker intended
  • Freestyle Design – form meets function to create a design masterpiece that brings flexibility and harmony to your home
  • Control4’s Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) - DX802 even boasts compatibility with SDDP, enabling it to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into a customer’s connected home
  • THX 4K Certified (pending)– Designed to pass up to 600 THX laboratory tests necessary to achieve THX 4K certification.
  • Super Bright Panel / HDR – become captivated by the outstanding brightness for more enhanced HDR viewing
  • 12 Train Prismatic Speaker –high quality speaker unit incorporating two tweeters, four squawkers and six woofers to deliver beautiful rich sound in a slim, stylish design.
  • My Home Screen 2.0 – a new, intuitive look and feel gives you easy access to all your favourite content
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