Panasonic Sets New Security Standards in Smart Home Cameras


The KX-HNC800EW: A Next-Generation Monitoring and Security Camera with a Unique Privacy and Pre-Record Function

Panasonic has today announced the new KX-HNC800EW, a Full HD indoor camera that protects your privacy. Featuring a pre-record function, you can now capture more footage than other home cameras, and by using its manually sliding shutter, avoid recording all those private family moments.

Record everything you want to – nothing you don’t

Through its manually sliding shutter, the new HD indoor camera allows users to control when the camera records. This means that owners can quickly and easily cover the camera and microphone to suit any occasion they may not want to record, such as when entertaining guests.

Never miss important footage

For comprehensive, accurate video recording, the KX-HNC800EW includes a pre-record function. Image processing begins two seconds before the camera’s sensor activates the recording process, capturing even more important footage than ordinary home cameras.a perfect solution for keeping an eye on pets in the home, animal owners will never miss a moment. It’s now possible to view and record all those cute and funny moments both instantly and easily in Full HD. The camera also allows for two-way communication via the Panasonic app using its optimised microphone.

Sync seamlessly with other Panasonic Smart Home devices

The Panasonic KX-HNC800EW is a stand-alone camera which also syncs seamlessly to work with Panasonic’s wireless hub, indoor/outdoor cameras, smart plugs and other sensors and components in the Panasonic Smart Home System.

It also offers wireless monitoring with optional push notifications for up to eight smart devices when motion is triggered.

Sharp, smooth recordings that capture an entire room

The single Panasonic KX-HNC800EW wide angle lens provides full-room coverage with its 142-degree diagonal wide-angle view. Exceptional Full HD video is recorded, even in low light, with a fast-focusing lens for sharper image adjustment to capture smooth, movie-quality videos at 30 frames per second.

Full HD (1080p) video can be recorded automatically onto a microSD/SDHC/SDXC card or a smart phone/tablet, making it possible to achieve a recording time of up to 145 hours[1]. Footage captured can be played back by simply removing the microSD card from the camera and inserting it into your chosen device. Thanks to this, you can enjoy a contract-free and low cost set-up.

[1] 128GB micro SD card

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