​Panasonic supports first Smart City project in Germany


‘Future Living Berlin’ presented at IFA 2016

31 August 2016 – Panasonic today announced that it is playing a key role in setting up the smart residential project “Future Living Berlin” in the German capital’s Adlershof district, bringing its Smart City expertise to Germany for the first time. The company will present the smart residential project in an interactive exhibition space at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) exhibition in Berlin at its booth in hall 5.2.

"Panasonic is a very important partner in the development of Future Living Berlin, as the company has already demonstrated in other countries that it is able to build smart cities and houses," says Klaus D. Krebs, CEO of the Krebs corporate group. "With Panasonic's products and expertise, we will be a flagship project in relation to Smart Home and Connected Life."

Future Living Berlin: the first Smart City project from Panasonic in Germany

At Berlin’s Adlershof technology base, a complex of 69 Smart Home apartments is being constructed. Future inhabitants are representatives of modern society, including young managers, large families and elderly people in need of care. There will also be 19 boarding house studios where different Smart Home scenarios will be examined. In addition, there will be a 600-square-metre interactive exhibition on the subject of Smart Living.

"The Future Living Berlin project uses a range of technologies from Panasonic, some of which are visible to the inhabitants, and some which are not," explains Christian Sokcevic, Managing Director of Panasonic DACH and NL. "The area will be equipped with solar panels from Panasonic, and energy is stored in batteries provided by us. We supply safety and building infrastructure technology as well as assisted living technologies, including our latest Smart Home innovations. Panasonic also provides heating, cooling and ventilation technology, tailored to the individual energy management needs of each home."

Being one of the first Smart City projects in Germany, partners involved are able to receive an exclusive insight into the everyday life in connected apartments. "In order to offer people the home services they really need, we need further feedback from residents how our solutions resonate with their day-to-day requirements", continues Sokcevic. "Our involvement in Berlin and in other Smart Cities around the world enables us to receive direct response from users who can tell us which technologies really improve their lives on a daily basis and which only work on the drawing board."

International Smart City expertise

Panasonic's pilot and flagship project is Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, based close to the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

It is an entire smart city district, planned for around 3,000 citizens. The first residents have already moved into their smart town houses The project is located at the site of a former Panasonic factory and is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

Fujisawa SST was established using a range of technologies and innovations to provide residents with a smart, connected and sustainable way of life. With people's lifestyles at the core of its development, Fujisawa provides five smart services that enrich people lives – energy, security, mobility, assisted living, and community.

“Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town is Panasonic’s pioneering smart city project that realises the ultimate ideal of a smart town as a joint project between the private and public sector”, says Laurent Abadie, CEO of Panasonic Europe. "Each project we support is different. Some of the projects outside of Japan focus more on specific aspects and are not as comprehensive as Fujisawa." Panasonic supports further Smart City projects in Tsunashima (Japan), Denver (USA) and Lyon (France) with various technologies and services. The company's core skills in intelligent and connected urban development include solutions in the areas of smart energy, transportation and mobility, security, care facilities and citizenship/community.


Panasonic presents various smart and future living innovations at IFA

Better Living Tomorrow, Smart Home and Smart City will be a central part of the Panasonic booth in hall 5.2 at this year's IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) exhibition in Berlin from 2 to 7 September 2016. During the exhibition, the company will provide visitors with information about technical innovations across various levels – ranging from consumer electronics to the construction of entire smart cities. The Smart City exhibition area will include a 3D architectural model from the new, prestigious Future Living Berlin project. The model will be brought to life through augmented reality. Visitors can explore specific Smart City technologies in detail via a touch display, experiencing the connected technologies clearly and concisely.

In addition, dedicated reports from the Panasonic press conference and the product highlights at the Panasonic booth will be featured online at http://www.panasonic.com/ifa. The video reports by Panasonic experts provide in-depth product information to consumer electronics fans. Join the conversation on social media using the #panasonicIFA hashtag.

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