Panasonic Unveils Innovative In-Ear and Over-Ear Headphones


​New devices incorporate cutting-edge audio technology and a range of practical design features

Panasonic has today introduced several new additions to its headphones range, offering premium personal audio that’s tailored to you. The new headphones include over-ear (HF300/M) models, as well as some designed specifically for exercise (BTS50 and BTS30) and home entertainment (WFG20).


As listening habits vary from person to person, Panasonic’s headphones have been carefully engineered to suit a wide range of preferences and styles. Each device embodies Panasonic’s decades of experience developing premium audio equipment and provides an unrivalled combination of audio quality and comfort.

Providing the soundtrack to your workout

The BTS50 (white or black) and BTS30 (white, black, yellow or red) Bluetooth in-ear headphones are designed to look and sound great while providing a secure fit, able to withstand active movement. Lightweight and adjustable ear hooks provide comfort during even the most strenuous workouts, with the cord positioned neatly behind the ear to minimise contact with the face and neck.

The BTS50 also feature an illuminated front edge for added safety when running at night, and a water resistant finish means you won’t have to worry about exercising in the rain or building up a sweat.

A 12mm Dynamic-Large Driver (9mm in BTS30) ensures sounds are crisp and impactful, with CD-quality wireless streaming possible thanks to the BTS50’s aptX Bluetooth capability. Built-in microphones in both devices enable practical phone calls on the move, and a quick charging feature ensures your headphones will be ready to go whenever you reach for your running shoes (70mins playback from 15min charge). The BTS50 headphones even have a battery lifetime of six hours so they will still be going strong long after you’ve run out of energy.

Audio tailored for TV

The new WFG20 headphones have been designed to make your home entertainment experience even more immersive, without having to disturb others around you. Tailored specifically for TV, the WFG20's transmitter beams audio from the TV (or another source) to the wireless headphones, anywhere within a 100m radius. Easy to navigate buttons on the headphones also enable volume control without the need for a remote.

In addition to practical design, the WFG20 also offers outstanding audio quality. The 9mm driver delivers clear trebles and powerful bass, perfectly suited to entertainment with high levels of dialogue, such as TV and film.

The headphones also include two different ear pieces to suit your preferences. The noise isolation earbuds are placed within the ear, block external sounds and provide a truly immersive experience. Alternatively, switching to bone conduction transmits sound direct to the cochlea via the cheekbones. The bone conduction headphones are worn next to, as opposed to in, the ear, allowing you to enjoy TV or music while also being aware of your surrounding environment.

Portable style

The foldable design of the new HF300/M over-ear headphones provide practical portability, while a 30mm drive unit generates robust bass. The lightweight chassis and soft ear pad also combine for unparalleled comfort, making the HF300/M an ideal travel companion. What's more, the sleek and simple design comes in four colours (black, white, blue or pink), so you can choose a model to best suit your personal taste.


About Panasonic

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