Panasonic’s DP-UB9000 wins EISA High-End UHD Blu-Ray Player Award

Panasonic’s top of range DP-UB9000 UHD Blu-Ray player series have been awarded this year’s coveted EISA High-End UHD Blu-Ray Player 2018-2019 award. This great achievement reconfirms the Player’s reference-class status and top placement for picture and sound quality in the market.

Established in 1982, EISA (European Imaging Sound Association) is a multimedia association that tests consumer electronic products. With a membership including 53 special interest magazines from 25 countries, EISA’s awards are known as one of the most prestigious consumer recommendations that products can receive, and a key indicator for best consumer purchasing decisions.

The DP-UB9000 UHD Blu-ray player impressed the EISA jury, praising it as ‘a gloriously engineered high-end machine’. With its ‘Custom processing, high-spec components and advanced user adjustments…every last drop of performance detail is squeezed from movies and music alike…’.

The EISA jury also highlighted one of UB9000’s unique HDR processing technologies, the HDR Optimiser explaining that it ‘improves the delivery of UHD HDR10 content’. This technology conducts tone-mapping in the player to ensure a stable HDR picture quality and to show the finest detail, regardless of the TV model used. At the same time the jury praised the player’s extremely high sound quality thanks to the 768kHz/32-bit DAC which ‘serves up a premium stereo audio experience’.

DP-UB9000’s ‘sumptuous design and build’ was also recognised by the EISA jury. They noted its ‘Double-layer base and top plates, an aluminium chassis and a new, rigid drive mechanism’ making the stylish and eye-catching Player ‘ready for action’.

Michael Friedrich, General Manager, Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe commented: “We're delighted that the EISA judges have recognized how our DP-UB9000 is spearheading the quality of home entertainment. Our DP-UB9000 UHD Blu-ray player, which supports both HDR10+ and Dolby VisionTM technology, truly raises the bar for the highest-ever picture and sound quality in the history of Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Players.”