Panasonic’s New Headphones Combine Exceptional Sound Technology and Seamless Connectivity for Convenient Listening On-the-Go


In-ear and on-ear headphones developed for those who want a clear and powerful audio experience when they travel

In-ear and on-ear headphones developed for those who want a clear and powerful audio experience when they travel

Frankfurt, Germany (23rd February 2015) –Panasonic today unveils a diverse and affordable range of headphones (RP-HJX20, RP-HJX5 and RP-BTD5) that let you listen to your favourite music on the move and in exceptional quality.

TheRP-HJX20 is the world’s first in-ear headphones with a Dual Axial Drive, designed to produce crisp, clear and authentic sound. Like the RP-HJX20, the RP-HJX5 boast an axial, in-ear design for powerful bass tones, and the over-ear RP-BTD5 model features a host of connectivity features for wireless listening.

A world first for high quality sound technology on the go

Panasonic’s RP-HJX20 is the world's first in-ear headphones to be equipped with a Dual Axial Drive. A second coil and neodymium magnet are added to the speaker diaphragm producing powerful magnetic forces from both front and rear. This new technology drives the diaphragm with exceptional accuracy, providing high quality sound that’s authentic to the original recording.

Both the RP-HJX20 and the RP-HJX5 feature a bass boost chamber that suppresses unwanted vibration to give you clear sound with minimal distortion. The two models also feature an axial design with a straight-line sound path, so powerful bass sounds are sent directly to your ears. The large space inside the housing also produces rich, full-textured bass and natural treble that bring your favorite songs to life.


The RP-HJX20 and the RP-HJX5 are the perfect in-earphones to use on your commute or while traveling, as both come with a travel pouch and fit snugly into the ears to stay comfortably in place. The airtight structure also blocks unwanted external sounds for enhanced audio enjoyment.

Music to your ears, enjoy hassle-free sound

The RP-BTD5 over-ear headphones enable you to skip the hassle of wires and plugs, and enjoy music anywhere, thanks to wireless Bluetoothand NFC capability. By simply touching a NFC enabled smartphone to your ear, you can seamlessly sync a mobile device to provide instant access to you music library.

With the RP-BTD5’s premium 40mm neodymium driver units, you canexperience the deep, dynamic bass, and crisp, clear trebles of all your favourite songs without ever having to lay a finger on your smartphone. An intuitive touch control designed into the ear pad housings makes it quick and easy for you to turn Bluetooth® on and off, adjust volume and change tracks. The RP-BTD5 also features a built-in remote mic and music/answer/end call button enabling you to easily switch instantly between music and phone.

Perfect for everyday travel with long time playback

The high-capacity lithium-ion battery contained within the RP-BTD5 is long lasting, providing you with approximately 40 hours of music playback. Like Panasonic’s in-ear models, the RP-BTD5 is the ideal headphone to take on your travels. The ear pad housings include a convenient swivel mechanism that folds the headphones flat. And with USB charging via a complimentary cable, the RP-BTD5 represents the perfect solution for quick and simple storage.



Headphone Type - In-Ear

Drive Unit Neodymium - 13.5mm

Impedance - 26Ω

Sensitivity - 103db/mW

Frequency response - 4Hz – 35kHz

Cord Length - 1.2m

Weight without cord - 9g

Plug 3.5mm


Headphone Type - In-Ear

Drive Unit Neodymium - 12mm

Impedance - 16Ω

Sensitivity - 103db/mW

Frequency response - 5Hz – 25kHz

Cord Length - 1.2m

Weight without cord - 6g

Plug 3.5mm


Headphone Type - Bluetooth Over-Ear

Operating Distance - Up to 10m

Power Supply - DC 5V 500mA

Internal Battery - 3.6V (Li-ion 690mAh)

oOperating Time - Approx. 40hours

Drive Unit Neodymium - 40mm

Impedance - 32Ω

Frequency response - 9Hz – 24kHz

Cord Length - not available

Weight without cord - 155g

Plug 3.5mm

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