Panasonic’s Newest CD Hi-Fi Systems Further Enhance High-Resolution Audio Quality


Encounter a new feel for music with SC-PMX152 and SC-PMX82 equipped with top quality audio parts and Re-Master technology

Panasonic has today unveiled its latest Micro Hi-Fi systems – the all new SC-PMX152 and SC-PMX82. These updated models offer audio capabilities which further improve sound quality designed to meet the needs of today's increasingly popular high-resolution sound sources.

The SC-PMX152 is the first of Panasonic’s CD Micro Systems to include the new CD High-Res Re-Master function, which allows you to up-convert CD audio to the equivalent of high-resolution audio - producing superb sound from a variety of sources.

With top-quality audio components, 3-way speaker systems, and sleek dimensions finished with a compact design, both devices not only look great but deliver the best audio experience to quality-orientated music lovers.

Experience rich sound expression from a variety of sources

Panasonic is driving innovation with the SC-PMX152’s CD High-Res Re-Master function which lets you enjoy a wide range of sound from various sources - including your favourite CDs, MP3s and smartphones. By delivering high-frequency sounds of 20kHz or more, far beyond ordinary CD playback, the CD High-Res Re-Master produces sounds that rival high-resolution audio.

The SC-PMX152’s MP3 Re-Master and Bluetooth Re-Master (also available on the SC-PMX82) both produce excellent sound quality from compressed sound sources. The MP3 Re-Master compensates for any lost audio signals that exceed the audible range. By DSP processing, distorted components of the high frequency are replaced by harmonic signal components with less distortion. The result is an even higher level of sound quality for music enjoyment.

The Bluetooth Re-Master also compensates for any audio signals that are lost due to data compression when streaming Bluetooth sounds. This feature gives you high-quality playback of sound sources from Bluetooth-compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets.In short, you get the best-quality sound from virtually all sound sources.

Unlock the full potential of high-resolution sound

Panasonic has gone above and beyond to source only the finest materials for the SC-PMX152 and SC-PMX82, ensuring a high quality for high-resolution music and all other audio sources.

Both devices feature premium-grade aluminium electrolyte capacitors and metallized polyester film capacitors which work to unlock the full potential of high-resolution audio, resulting in a crisp and clear sound with a powerful presence.

The SC-PMX152 is built to make a genuine Hi-Fi difference with a Low-Noise Power Supply Regulator to reduce clock noise from DSP processing, while maximising the LincsD-Amp jitter elimination and other audio-enhancing features. Further, the Built-In Power Conditioner minimises digital noise that comes from the power supply line to the D-Amp.




Enjoy truly authentic audio

To ensure authentic and impressive sound, both devices are equipped with Panasonic’s innovative new 3rd-generation LincsD-Amp solution. Every aspect of the Panasonic Digital Amp Solution is designed to deliver a more refined, pristine sound as it corrects issues such as jitter and unwanted distortion in digital music playback. The SC-PMX152 also comes equipped with Virtual Battery Power Supply which cuts out the interference you can get from normal power supplies. Additionally the Variable Gain technology (also available in SC-PMX82) enhances clarity at low volumes.

Panasonic continues to evolve its high-performance 3-way speaker system to ensure the most from both models’ updated amp technology and 120W power output. By combining a 3-way design with a Super Sonic Tweeter, the SC-PMX152’s speakers are capable of reaching the ultra-high 100kHz frequency range. This ensures that the speaker is able to produce beautifully dynamic sound packed with the sort of tiny details that bring high quality recordings to life.

A lightweight and rigid 14cm Bamboo Plant Opal features again in the woofer of the SC-PMX152’s speakers to produce clear sounds across a wide frequency range.This material quickly settles vibration to decrease unwanted reverberations and faithfully achieve the sound that the artist intended. The SC-PMX82’s woofer continues to use Bamboo charcoal with its precise holes reducing resonance and providing clear and natural sounds.

Elegant, compact design

Premium aluminium material is used on the front panel of both the SC-PMX152 and SC-PMX82. For added sleekness, an extra aluminium top panel is included on the SC-PMX152’s main unit. Both systems combine compact size, high grade design and an elegant finish, complementing a wide range of room décor.

SC-PMX152 Specs:

  • 3-Way Speaker System
  • LincsD-Amp 3rd generation
  • VGDA (Variable Gain Digital Amp)
  • Virtual Battery Power Supply
  • Built-in Power Conditioner
  • 100KHz Super Sonic Tweeter
  • Bamboo Plant Opal Woofer
  • High Resolution Audio file with USB DAC
  • CD High-Res Re-Master / MP3 Re-Master / Bluetooth® Re-Master
  • High Quality Audio Parts
  • Output Power 120W
  • Wi-Fi 5GHz/2.4GHz
  • Multi-room with Qualcomm® AllPlay™
  • AirPlay
  • Panasonic Music Streaming App
  • Wireless Audio with DLNA, and Bluetooth®
  • Re-streaming *4 (Bluetooth/CD/Radio/USB/AUX)
  • USB Playback

SC-PMX82 Specs:

  • 3-Way Speaker System
  • LincsD-Amp 3rd generation
  • VGDA (Variable Gain Digital Amp)
  • High Quality Audio Parts
  • Silk Dome Tweeter
  • Bamboo Charcoal PP Woofer
  • Bluetooth® Re-master
  • High Resolution Audio file with USB DAC
  • High Resolution Audio via USB Memory
  • Output Power 120W
  • Panasonic Music Streaming App
  • Wireless Audio with Bluetooth®
  • USB Playback
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