Panasonic’s premium range of televisions will feature the BritBox app

Panasonic has revealed that its premium range of televisions will feature the BritBox app, a platform which streams award-winning British dramas, comedies, film and documentaries from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

BritBox will feature in the list of apps on the home screen of the app portal on Panasonic’s premium televisions, as well as in the top row banner for easy and convenient access. Panasonic is pleased to be one of the first television brands to feature the app.

BritBox is a streaming platform which has the biggest collection of British Boxsets all in one place. The BBC and ITV have collaborated to bring classic British TV shows together, along with recent and original programmes. Broadchurch, The Royle Family and Victoria are just a few of the programmes which are included on the streaming platform available for £5.99 a month ad-free and in HD.


Panasonic television models which support BritBox:

GX800 and above, including GZ series, FX700B and above & FZ series, EX series & EZ series, DX series and CX series.