Panasonic’s Sleek HC1020 Speaker adds Trendy Interior Style and Outstanding Sound to your Home


Listen Without Limits – the new speaker with interior-matching design provides exceptional room filling sound and connected audio for modern living

Panasonic has today unveiled a new addition to its ALL Connected range of Audio products: the SC-HC1020 features an interior-matching, wall-mounting capability and sound mode that delivers a wider sound field with outstanding clarity and optimal room-filling sound.

Panasonic’s connected home audio range truly frees the listening experience, so that users can enjoy online music services, digital collections, CDs, radio and more, all over the home.

Exceptional Design for modern living

The HC1020 houses high-quality performance in a minimalistic body to harmonise with any space, and offer a warm modern feel to the room. The speakers are adorned with a new fabric mesh material and mirrored front panel, that have been designed to meticulously match with a room’s interior. The slim and sleek design with 71mm depth also comes in four different colour variations – black, silver, blue and red.

With the new addition of the HC1020, Panasonic provides a connected home audio range that truly frees the listening experience; to enjoy online music services, digital collection, radio and more, through high-quality sound.



Outstanding sound without compromise

Enjoy rich and robust bass beyond imagination from a slim body that doesn’t compromise on quality, and experience music exactly as it was meant to be heard thanks to the 3rd generation LincsD-Amp. The latest innovative version of this technology corrects issues such as jitter and power supply noise that usually cause distortion in digital music playback.

The speaker position has been moved higher on the device, to limit obstacles and create a clear reverberation when the speaker is wall-mounted. This creates a wider sound field for an optimal room-filling sound from the back of the wall. The wall-mount mode also optimises the sound with digital signal processing and suitable EQ settings measured against the baffle effect of the rear wall.

The new HC1020 features a 40W power output that will fill your home with great audio, without compromising on quality or clarity. The two speakers also adopt the Twisted Acoustic Port, a unique shape designed for increasing resonance.

Fill the home with music with unrivalled connectivity

The Panasonic HC1020 is capable of connecting to various music sources and users can enjoy their favourite internet radio stations with just one-touch of one of the five pre-set buttons.

The intuitive operation of the Panasonic Music Streaming App, lets anyone quickly and easily control ALL Connected Audio in various rooms, using an existing WiFi network. In addition, the app can be used to easily control Bluetooth® music streaming, CD playback, radio and USB re-streaming, as well as providing links to Spotify, Napster, TuneIn and other AllPlay™-compatible apps. For instance, CD re-streaming is now possible via this connected device, enabling the user to enjoy music from this format anywhere in the house.

About Panasonic

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