Panasonic’s Small Kitchen Appliances Blend Design, Innovation and Healthy Living to Inspire Fresh Food Experiences


Powerful and sleek advancements of the Slow Juicer, Breadmaker and a brand new Hand Blender are designed for modern tastes and living

15th February 2017 – Panasonic has today unveiled new additions to its line-up of small kitchen appliances. This year the kitchen appliances range will be enhanced by the MJ-L600SX slow juicer with additional smoothie capabilities, the SD-ZX2522 breadmaker with four new menu options, and the all-new, powerful MX-S401 hand blender (coming to stores in the autumn). The complete range of Panasonic small kitchen appliances combines both high-value and high-quality to improve health and wellbeing through the Japanese inspired ‘Experience Fresh’ philosophy.

Delicious and nutritious recipes with ease


Panasonic’s popular slow juicer has been boosted with the addition of a smoothie accessory and a dark silver design. The product’s attachments enable users to effortlessly create juices, sauces, dressings and frozen blends, but it’s the new ‘Smoothie Cone’ that takes the slow juicer to a new level.

The next-generation MJ-L600SX is perfect for the use of detoxing or to complement a wellness lifestyle. With its powerful low-speed motor that slowly crushes ingredients instead of cutting them, it minimises exposure to heat and air during the pressing process, therefore maximising nutrient retention with no oxidisation.

Outstanding fresh bread, cakes and pasta every day


The new SD-ZX2522 breadmaker houses four new menu options – in addition to the popular gluten-free bread recipe, the user is now able to enjoy very tasty gluten-free options for cakes and pasta, as well as wholegrain bread. This is all in a beautiful, black stainless steel design with advanced flat ’glass touch’ controls.

For wholegrain bread, the SD-ZX2522 will now drop the seeds from its nuts dispenser into the dough at the right time (current models require their addition at the beginning) to make the perfect dough for an exceptional bake.

Panasonic has dedicated significant research and development towards creating the innovative technology that ensures the right sequence of programming, temperature and length of cooking time. This ensures gluten-free cakes and bread that taste amazing. The new breadmaker provides the user and their families with fresh bread every day – both regular flour and gluten-free options are delicious.

But it’s not just all about baking – the SD-ZX2522 also features new kneading technology which is capable of kneading ‘hard’ doughs to create great-tasting wheat or gluten-free pasta. This is all offered as part of Panasonic’s commitment to ‘Experience Fresh’; the healthy and balanced food philosophy. The new SD-ZX2522 will be available in the UK from July 2017.

Effortless cutting and blending performance in your hand


The silver painted Panasonic Hand Blender, MX-S401, establishes a new market benchmark with its unique four-blade cutter and blending system, powerful motor and cutter holder attachment. It is the perfect introduction to safe and easy blending at home. The user is able to effortlessly create nutritious baby food or impressive, flavoursome sauces just before serving.

Easily cut and mix a variety of textures at once thanks to a powerful motor, and exceptional 30 degree blades to enhance durability and sharp sub-blades. Provided with a variety of chopper and whisk attachments, the MX-S401 features a three-auto sequence drive control, with Low, Pulse and High speed mode to evenly cut and mix several kinds of liquids. The Low speed mode also features a slow start to ensure whipping cream and sauces are perfectly blended. The MX-S401 also features a two-action switch, and child-lock and circuit break function for added protection. The new hand blender will be available in stores in the autumn.

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