Seminars to improve your video: Take part in Sennheiser and Panasonic LUMIX live webinars

Sennheiser Sound Academy and Panasonic LUMIX has launched a new series of live training webinars that reveal how to create outstanding video content that sounds as great as it looks. The free webinar series starts on 21 June 2019, explaining “How good audio lifts your video to a more professional level”. The live format means that participants will also have time to put questions to the specialists.

Providing the perfect blend of theory and practical tips and tricks for camera and audio, the Sennheiser/Panasonic LUMIX webinar series addresses a range of common scenarios such as video blogging, mobile journalism or documentary, and showcases best practices for setting up, shooting and delivering compelling and slickly produced content.

The webinars offer easy-to-follow guidance that’s ideal for everyone from complete beginners to those wishing to further develop their skills and take their videos to the next level.

The free online course is co-hosted by experts from Sennheiser Sound Academy and Panasonic LUMIX and was developed following a highly successful programme of face-to-face training workshops. For the first time, the live webinars will also make these essential courses available to enjoy anywhere and on demand on Sennheiser’s YouTube channel.

Registration for each of the live webinars is open three weeks before the launch date of the episode, which are as follows:

Webinar 1 (21 June 2019)

Introduction – How good audio lifts your video to a more professional level

(Audio basics, mic basics, psychology of sound to picture)

Webinar 2 (6 September 2019)

Target group: MOJO (Mobile Journalists)

Tips & tricks – Choice of camera, set-up, material & audio tips and tricks

Webinar 3 (11 October 2019)

Target group: Video Bloggers (Vloggers)

Tips & tricks – Choice of camera, set-up & audio tips and tricks, including lighting, framing, etc

Webinar 4 (1 November 2019)

Target group: Documentary/Film

Tips & tricks – Camera set-up (including multicam setup), field recording & audio tips and tricks

Webinar 5 (6 December 2019)

Immersive audio for video

(AMBEO portfolio and how to link it to video production)

Sennheiser Sound Academy and Panasonic LUMIX look forward to taking you on the next steps on your journey into better audio and video.

To participate, please register at www.sennheiser.com/webinars