Technics launches Grand Class SB-G90: Floor-standing Speaker with Clarity in Sound Imaging and Fullness in Spatial Expression

4 January 2017 –Technics has today unveiled the new Grand Class SB-G90 Speaker System. Building on the linear-phase, point- sound-source concept, this system reproduces a vast sound field with excellent clarity, precision and realism over a wide range. From low to super-high frequencies.

Unwanted vibration thoroughly eliminated to achieve clear sound imaging

Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture

Equipped with a newly developed Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture, the speaker unit is mounted to a sub-baffle installed inside the cabinet at the speaker unit‘s centre of gravity, which suppresses unwanted vibration of the speaker unit itself. Also, because the speaker unit is not mounted to the baffle on the front, transmission of unwanted vibration from the speaker unit to the baffle can be suppressed.


This makes it possible to reduce distortion from the drive unit and in addition reduce unwanted vibration from the front baffle. As a result, the speaker can reproduce a sound field which gives impressive imaging with both realism and clarity, allowing visualisation of the fine details of each and every sound.

High Rigidity Cabinet

Cabinet strength is increased by using a cross construction with sub-baffles, to which the speaker units are mounted, and horizontal reinforcing panels. A separate sub-baffle is used for each speaker unit, which minimises the effect of mutual vibration between speaker units.

High accuracy achieved by a newly developed coaxial unit

Point Sound Source Speaker System

When reproducing sound with full spatial expression, ideally the wave-fronts emitted from the speaker units are aligned at the listening position, i.e. providing a point sound source.

While inheriting the linear phase concept, the SB-G90 has newly developed two-way coaxial cone units (including mid-range and tweeter) targeting high-speed reproduction with high sensitivity.

Wide Range & Low Distortion Reproduction

In order to fully reproduce the wide frequency spectrum in high-resolution music sources, the SB-G90 uses both a newly developed 25-mm phase precision tweeter and two newly developed 16-cm low-distortion, long-stroke woofers, achieving a wide frequency range of 27 Hz to 100 kHz.

In addition, the diaphragm material of all the speaker units is made of anodized aluminium in order to unify the tones over the entire frequency range.

Also, all the speaker units have features such as copper rings and high-linearity-drive voice coils, thereby achieving low distortion over a wide frequency range.

These characteristics enable smooth and well-balanced music reproduction.

Phase Precision Driver (Coaxial 2-Way Speaker Unit)

A lightweight, high-rigidity aluminium anodized 25mm dome is used for the diaphragm of the tweeter. The driver achieves a wide frequency range up to 100 kHz by using a new dome shape optimized through simulation, as well as achieving greater uniformity in phase characteristics by the use of a phase plug.

In addition, the SB-G90 uses high-linearity-drive underhung voice coils, the magnetic gaps of which have had magnetic fluid injected to suppress temperature rise, thereby ensuring superior power linearity. These features provide reproduction of the high-frequency range with superb detail and beauty.

As with the tweeter, the mid-range also uses an anodized, lightweight, high-rigidity aluminium cone diaphragm. The magnetic circuit achieves low distortion and enhanced drive power by using large magnets, copper caps, and high-linearity-drive underhung voice coils.

Also, the SB-G90’s drive unit feature a frame using die-cast material. This minimises resonance, thereby eliminating even the slightest unnecessary resonance from the sound. These features enable reproduction of mid-range with excellent precision and response.

Low-frequency reproduction with excellent response and low distortion

16cm Low Distortion Long Stroke Woofer

The 16cm Low Distortion Long Stroke Woofer woofers have features such as double magnets producing increased drive power, and the magnetic circuit with high-linearity-drive overhung voice coils, copper rings, aluminium short rings, and this newly developed long-stroke unit achieves low-frequency reproduction with wide dynamic range as well as excellent low distortion and response even for large amplitude signals.

Also, the frame uses a die-cast structure that disperses resonance, thereby thoroughly eliminating even the slightest unnecessary resonant sound.a lightweight, high-rigidity aluminium cone diaphragm on which anodizing has been performed is used for the diaphragm to ensure uniformity in tone with the mid-range and high frequencies. These features reproduce deep and powerful bass.


Emotive Acoustic Technology

  • Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture
  • Point Sound Source Speaker System
  • Wide Range & Low Distortion Reproduction
  • Phase Precision Driver(Coaxial 2-way Speaker Unit)
  • 16-cm Low Distortion Long Stroke Woofer
  • High Rigidity Cabinet
  • High Quality Network Circuit

Technics Definitive Design

  • Black High Gloss Finish
  • Magnet Fixed Fabric Grille

Dimension (W x H x D)

  • 302 x 1114 x 375 mm (11-7/8 x 43-27/32 x 14-3/4 Inch) *Including Grille and Terminals with Spike



  • Approx. 32kg (Approx. 71lbs) /pc


  • 3-Way 4 Speakers Bass Reflex
  • *Including Coaxial 2-Way for Midrange and Tweeter
  • Speaker Unit: Woofer: 16cm (6-1/2") Cone Type x2
    Midrange/Tweeter: Coaxial, 16cm (6-1/2") Cone Type x1 / 2.5cm (1") Dome Type x1
  • Crossover Frequencies: 480Hz, 3.2kHz
  • Frequency Range: 27Hz - 100kHz (-16dB), 32Hz - 85kHz (-10dB)
  • Sound Pressure Level: 88dB /2.83V (m)
  • Impedance: 4Ω
  • Input power (IEC): 100W (Rated), 200W (Max)
  • Recommended Amp. Power: 40-150W (Rated)
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