Thom Evans 'tries out' some winning new looks at the Tash Modern with Panasonic


The UK's first live facial hair gallery opens its doors to celebrate the nations eclectic facial fuzz; the good, the bad and the hairy...

Former rugby player and model, Thom Evans, was part of a live installation at the launch of the Tash Modern, Shoreditch, the UK’s first live facial hair gallery.

Taking place in one of London’s hairiest hang-outs, Shoreditch, the Tash Modernhas opened its doors for visitors to explore facial hair in a way like no other. From bearded, moustached and stubbled portraits of the nation to immersive installations, complimentary barbers and even human art (yes, those are real life bushy heads on plinths).

The Tash Modern offers a fun and fuzzy experience like no other, something modern day men are particularly interested in, according to research by Panasonic Grooming.

Research shows that almost two thirds (57%) of British gents are no longer sticking to signature styles and re-styling their facial hair monthly. What’s more, three quarters (75%) of bearded males rank themselves an impressive 7.5 or above out of 10 for attractiveness, compared to a modest 5 out of 10 which was the highest ranking by those with sideburns (19%). So, to celebrate the country’s eclectic designs and confidence boosting beards, the Tash Modern was launched to celebrate the good, the bad and the hairy…

Thom Evans comments, ‘Facial hair is definitely high on my agenda when it comes to styling. Although I can grow a full beard, I find myself changing up styles regularly to suit what I’m up to that week so usually stick to stubble and short beards for ease – I feel most confident with these looks as they are easy to maintain when using the right tool. Being on-the-go means I need a multi-purpose tool that can not only shave off my beard when I need a slick style, but also then precisely shape my stubble needing to carry multiple tools around. The Panasonic 3-in-1 i-Shaper is perfect for this – it certainly keeps me on top of my facial hair game’.

While Thom chooses not to grow a full beard for work, one third (34%) of those who would love to grow one are being stopped by their partners and aren’t allowed to grow one.

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