​Valentines Day the Panasonic Way!


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Panasonic might just have the answer to your endless search for presents. With the perfect gift for every personality and price point, enjoy Valentines Day the Panasonic Way!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Panasonic might just have the answer to your endless search for presents. With the perfect gift for every personality and price point, enjoy Valentines Day the Panasonic Way! 

Make sure you can capture the moments that matter

If ever there was a time for picture perfect images, Valentines Day has to be top of the list. Romantic walks, candlelit dinners, maybe even a weekend away – there’s no denying that Valentines Day is one of those significant days for making memories that will last. Rest assured, Panasonic’s DMC-TZ100 will deliver when it matters most; day or night! Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean your camera has to, as the TZ100 has a powerful 1-inch 20 Megapixel MOS Sensor which means it can handle those cosy candlelit shots effortlessly. You can even keep capturing your adventures into the night (if you so wish!). With a 10x zoom, the possibilities are endless!


Push the boundaries and try something new

For a real talking point this Valentines, purchase a Panasonic HC-VX980 camcorder and enjoy a new kind of shooting style that lets you add even more emotion to your movies. Using Wi-Fi, you can link to three smartphones and simultaneously record up to two of them as sub-windows. These sub-windows can be interchanged, and their display positions can be switched. This lets you capture multiple angles and viewpoints, to capture a higher level of emotional impact that simply isn’t possible with a single camera.


A dreamy DIY Valentines meal

There’s no denying that the ability to cook is an attractive trait in a person and Valentines Day is surely the day to make yourself irresistible! Forget fancy restaurants and calorie-laden, overpriced food, and focus on making a scrumptious meal that you’ve prepared yourself. Don’t fret if you’re not a sous-chef, Panasonic’s NN-CS894 will do all the hard work for you. The built-in sensor technology means that cooking is practically automatic with no need to set power levels, food weights or cooking time. Did we mention this is a steam combi microwave too, which means food is flavourful and healthy.Perfect if your loved one wants to keep their diet on track without sacrificing romance. Add flowers and candlelight, and enjoy your tastiest Valentine’s Day yet!




Looking after the one you love

Keeping an eye on the important things in life is a sentiment that rings very true – particularly on Valentines Day. Panasonic’s Smart Home system does just this by allowing you to monitor your house quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet. Now you don’t need to worry if the bedroom window is closed, or if your partner made it home safely from their trip. Particularly useful for couples who work away from home and want piece of mind.


One for the men…

For silky smooth, kissable skin this Valentines Days, a sleek and stylish razor is a must. With premium features, outstanding performance and an intelligent shaving sensor, Panasonic’s ES-LV95 shaver will be hard to beat. The sensor determines differences in beard density at different locations, and power is controlled to provide powerful cutting where the beard is heavy, and soft cutting where it's thin. If only everything in life was so responsive!


One for the ladies…

For many women, beauty is a high priority which makes Panasonic’s EH-SA31 facial ionic steamer a spot on gift. Using nano-sized ionic steam, the steamer provides a penetrating moisture treatment which ensures richer, more deeply hydrated skin.Providing spa-style pampering from the comfort of your own home, this thoughtful gift will earn you some serious brownie points.


For a technological twist on your Valentine’s Day gift visit www.panasonic.com/uk for an assortment of ideas!


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